Synergy 1/2

Ryu & Ken, Venus & Serena, Kobe & Shaq, Mario & Luigi, Styles & Kiss etc. Universally loved, iconic duos, legendary 1-2 punches.

There’s a synergy to these figures, their flow, their execution of business are so in sync that it makes them lethal in their respective endeavors. 

Now imagine any one of the pairs mentioned above, but replace them with you & life. 

Have you ever felt like you had synergy with your environment? 

Let me give you another clear example:

When Will Smith was filming Bad Boys For Life in Miami he had an interesting conversation / revelation with his family: 

Will asks – “What movie was Jaden was shooting in Vancouver?” 

Everyone else answers – “The Day The Earth Stood Still

Will then says – “Right so I noticed how..happy and just balanced and..he woke up early, his skin looked good, all of that he just, his body, agreed with Vancouver. And that was the first I ever noticed how places have vibrations that register with people.” 

He then goes on to explain why Miami is his favorite city in the US, saying that whenever he’s in the South Floridian city he needs less sleep, he feels better, he wakes up early, he works out.

He says that Miami agrees with him spiritually, vibrationally and emotionally. 

“I just believe places have that for certain people and it’s an X factor, you just don’t know why a place agrees with you.”

Boy did I gobble that up when I heard it. I wholeheartedly already believed in the concept/idea of what he was saying, even before I ever heard him say it. I just never thought of saying it out loud, for fear of sounding pretentious or annoying. He just said it like it was nothing, like fam…

I’ve felt this way in three cities: London, Los Angeles, and Buenos Aires. I’ve also had flashes of it in Vancouver, allow me to explain. 

I understand that not everybody (read: most people), have the luxury of moving around to where they can find a place/city that agrees and is in sync with them. Trust me, I do. Which is why I want to focus more on the synergy between a person and life in general, because I believe no matter your surroundings, you can still have such a magic moment. 

 Every once in a while (maybe more than that for some of you I’m sure) there comes a time when you feel as organized, centered, productive and in sync with the universe as you can you can be. You feel in control! 

You go to work, you exercise, you get enough sleep, you hydrate, your social life is consistent, your self development is working, your bills are paid on time etc. It’s a beautiful period of productivity. Everything is right, flowing smoothly. It’s a beautiful time, BUT getting to that place where everything is in sync requires a serious amount of work. 

You know when you’ve arrived at that place, when you look around your house/environment and everything is in its place, neat and organized. You feel rested, and you have a genuine moment of excitement, like you’ve hit the reset button and can start over

If you watch Insecure, the main character Issa, has a similar-ish like that in the last episode of season 3, around the 30:40 mark. The trick about this is to be as productive as you can. DO NOT let it go to waste, withdraw from everyone and everything if you have to and milk that period for all it’s worth! Press it like blackjack!

We all have things we want to accomplish, and it’s already hard enough as it is in normal times, so when you have a priceless source of inspiration, you better use it! I had it until the beginning of June, and then just like that it was over and done it. Now I’m searching for it again.

What place in the world do you think agrees with you on multiple levels? 

To Be Continued…

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