Muay Thai & I

I was in the bus one day listening to music on blast through my earphones. The bus came to a stop because someone was getting off. Sitting in one of the two seats directly to the left of the back door, staring out the window, I felt someone pull my earphone out of my left ear. 

I turned around to look because I was so startled and it was a dude I had never met before giving me the nastiest mean mug. The lady sitting next to me doing her makeup said “That was weird..” I said “Yeah..” And played it cool..On the surface it was a seemingly mundane occurrence, but I won’t lie my heart was beating with the quickness. It was a rush of unexpected adrenaline. 

I was thinking “What if he had decided to punch my a** instead, what would I have done in a crowded bus full of people?” I’m sure you know that depending on where you are, and who is around you, your reaction to a similar situation varies by a lot. I HATE making a scene around people. 

Which is why that little “situation” had me feeling quite helpless and uncomfortable. In 2018, my bro Bemnet encouraged me to start Muay Thai just to stay in shape, and of course because it was good to know some sort of self defence. 

I love Vancouver, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in Canada. If I leave this city it’ll be to move to another country. With that being said I have to say that there have been certain situations I’ve witnessed/been told about, that made me realize that there’s a level of crazy here that has to be respected. 

I’m talking a level of crazy I didn’t see/feel in Montreal, Toronto or Kelowna. The kind that happens in public and makes you feel humiliated and defenceless. That’s a terrible position to be in. 

With that knowledge in mind, I decided to do something about it and so I joined an MMA gym. I decided this s**t way back in 2019 btw, but knowing me I kept pushing it back. First it was because I needed to get contact lenses for class, and just the process of doing that, something that should’ve taken me a day at the most, ended up lasting almost a year…

I started training in the summer of 2020, and it was spectacular. I was a natural, it felt amazing, I was in shape everything was rolling. And then of course COVID-19 threw a fit in December 2020 and everything closed down. I haven’t been back since…

If I had just started back then in 2019 when I decided, and just gone for it. If I had just literally walked my black a** to the optometrist and gotten my contacts how would feel now? Where would I be? I get so frustrated at myself sometimes man…

Let this quote from Kobe Bryant be a life lesson: “The problem is you think you have time.” Do what you’re hesitating to do now! Don’t push because you’re waiting for the “right” time (my second excuse) or because of procrastinating. Jump in and adjust/learn as you go. Seriously. Regret is haunting. 

I’m about to start again now that everything is re-opening, and this time I’ll be fighting to stay consistent, enjoy myself and focus on the process. Wish me luck! 

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