Imagine being in your mid 20’s with no university degree. Fortunately for you, you’ve managed to hold it together long enough to graduate college and acting school. Unfortunately, even with those two diplomas, you still don’t know where you’re headed in life. In fact, everything seems to be blurrier by the day. A state of total confusion, extreme doubt, fear and hesitation. Luckily for you, you always have that little flame of hope at the end of everyday. “Everything is going to work out,” you tell yourself.  That’s the mindset I’m in as I start this blog. A lot of questions, but unwavering hope.

I’ll be posting weekly starting from Sunday March 5. The topic / subject matter will be based on an interest of mine. The web page is divided into categories of said interests, and every posts will have in  capital letters at the top, the category it’s meant for. This way you can be selective of what you want to read.

Welcome, enjoy, and thank you for your time.