About Me


I’m Theo Sika, the guy whose face you see, when this website pops open 🙂 I’m a Cameroonian actor, journalist and soon to be author.

I moved to Canada at 18 years old for university. Now almost 7 years later,  with a lot of life experience, here I am ready to step out of my comfort zone once and for all.

I’ve often been accused by friends of being very elusive, which is true, by choice. With this web page, I intend to change just that and give everyone an insight into the internal world of Theo Sika. I guarantee you it’s worth it.

I created this website in school as a requirement, way back in 2015, to showcase my journalism work. However I knew deep down that that ‘s not what I wanted to use my page for. So with the urging of my parents to create and maintain a blog, I finally sat down one evening, opened a bottle of wine and completely refocused it’s purpose.